Who We Are


keith turner

Rev. Keith Turner


Job Title:  Pastor

On staff since: July 2021 

Hometown: Hurricane, West Virginia  

Family:  Dog Dad to Sidney, a bouncy, naughty, stubborn, and beautiful Australian Shepherd

Education:  BA in Bible/Theology from Asbury University (2013); MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary (2017)

Favorite Bible character: Moses  

Favorite movie or TV show: Frasier; Schitt’s Creek   

Favorite book: Faust: A Tragedy (Goethe); Candide (Voltaire)  

Favorite food: Steak Diane with sides of Potatoes Dauphinoise and Asparagus; complemented by Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley, of course)  

Favorite part of my job: Preaching, Planning Worship Services, and Administering the Sacraments  

My hero: Rev. Dr. Neil G. Thomas

If I had any super power, I’d: teleport. I hate being in the car for a long time.  

I’d rather be: on the Straits of Mackinac in Northern Michigan  

Three things on my bucket list:

- Travel to Bali, Indonesia
- Have lunch with Dan Levy
- Write and publish a book (Okay, maybe more than one. .


Jesse Longsworth


Job Title: Intergenerational Minister

On staff since: November 2020, member since 2021

Hometown: Monroe, IN

Family:  Wife, Jennie. 3 kids, Tait, Alexyn, and Noelle and 2 dogs, Oliver and Chonko

Education:  Lincoln Technical Institute

Favorite Bible character: Peter

Favorite movie or TV show: Show-Breaking Bad. Movie-The John Wick Trilogy

Favorite book: What is the Bible? By Rob Bell

Favorite food: I love a really good Bacon Cheeseburger, but Pizza is always a solid choice, too.

Favorite part of my job: Being able to empower people to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

My hero: Wacko from Animaniacs or Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. They are both unashamedly who they are, no matter what.

If I had any super power, I’d:  I would probably pick to be one of those who has all the cool tech stuff like Iron Man or Batman.

I’d rather be: 6' 2" (I am 5' 9").

Three things on my bucket list:

- To be able to take my wife to Fiji and stay in those huts on the water.
- Go sky diving.
- To literally scare the crap out of someone.


Dayna Arnett


Job Title: Youth Minister

On staff since: October 2020

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Family:  Wanzetta Arnett (Mother), Dana Arnett (Father), Jade Arnett (Sister), and Alex Davis (Partner)

Education:  Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from Ball State University

Favorite Bible character: Ester, for her fierce power and leadership.

Favorite movie or TV show: Billy Madison and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Favorite book: Push by Sapphire.

Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza or sweet and sour chicken.

Favorite part of my job: Working with young minds to create a safe space in Christ and the Church for all to worship and walk with God.

My hero: My Mother

If I had any super power, I’d: Space Shifting

I’d rather be: Playing video games, watching tiktoks, or loving my cats.

Three things on my bucket list:

- Traveling to all of Europe.
- Be a Featured Regular on a sitcom.
- Go sky diving.


John Emert


Job Title: Organist and Assistant Director of Music

On staff since: 2004, member since 1989

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

Family: Wife Elizabeth and son Jacob

Education: Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Favorite Bible character:  King David

Favorite movie or TV show:   The Lion King

Favorite book:  today, it's Twelve Again - next week, who knows

Favorite food:  Grandma's pound cake

Favorite part of my job:  Communicating through music

My hero: J.S. Bach

If I had any super power, I’d:  Keep all instruments in tune

I’d rather be: Me

Three things on my bucket list:

- Travel more with family
- Take time to write
- Take time to read


Dennis Williams


Job Title: Chancel Choir Director

On staff since: February 2018

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Family: Wife Angel, Son Scott, Son Corey (Lydia & Keira), Son Todd (Angela)

Education: DMA, MCM Southern Baptist Seminary, BME Indiana University

Favorite Bible character:  David

Favorite movie or TV show:   Frasier

Favorite book:  Isaiah

Favorite food:  Steak Frites

Favorite part of my job:  Hearing music that touches my soul

My hero: Mozart

If I had any super power, I’d:  be able to do miracles

I’d rather be: living in a perfect world

Three things on my bucket list:

- Travel in Italy, Germany, and Austria


Chuck Tuite


Job Title: Praise Team Director

On staff since: March 2017

Hometown: Alexandria, Indiana

Family: Wife - Jo; son Dustin, daughters Shae, Mariah and Sophie

Education: BA German Studies, MS Information and Communication Sciences

Favorite Bible character:  Jonah - he's a cautionary tale about placing ego over obedience.

Favorite movie or TV show:   Movie: UHF. TV Show: NCIS

Favorite book:  There are too many to list!

Favorite food:  Italian

Favorite part of my job:  Hearing the music and voices reach out together to speak to people.

My hero: There are many, depending on the aspect. Mozart would be a good musical hero, but would be terrible from the free throw line.

If I had any super power, I’d:  Slow down time.

I’d rather be: Traveling.

Three things on my bucket list:

- Remodel a Victorian house
- spend a month traveling through Scandinavia
- complete a Spartan Race


Pat Bennett


Job Title: Parish Nurse

On staff since:  2000, member since 1978

Hometown:  Yorktown

Family: Husband, Ben; Four adult sons -- Benjamin, John Mark, Brian, Patrick and their wives – Mary, Julie, and Dang; five grandchildren – Jessica, Jeremiah, Jamie, Jennifer, Lindsey and step-grandson, Ben

Education: BSN, MA Counseling Psychology, PhD Nursing

Favorite Bible character:  Jesus, Mary and Peter

Favorite movie or TV show:   Big Bang Theory

Favorite book:  Anything written by Thomas Merton, Henri Nouen, or Annie Lamott

Favorite food:  Meat Loaf, corn on the cob or spaghetti

Favorite part of my job:  Love being able to help with families at times of health crisis.

My hero: Mother Teresa

If I had any super power, I’d:  Create world peace and tolerance.

I’d rather be:  A more disciplined writer.

Three things on my bucket list:

- A trip to Scotland
- River cruise Eastern Europe
- Finally learn the dulcimer


Nichole Call


Job Title: Director of Communications

On staff since: December 2009, member since 2009

Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Family: Husband-Dave, Kids-Will and Lizza, Cats-Kyra and Claire

Education: Onondaga Community College, Edinboro University, Syracuse University

Favorite Bible character:  Elizabeth

Favorite movie or TV show: Outlander

Favorite book:  The Outlander Series

Favorite food:  Snowball cookies

Favorite part of my job:  Working on the computer

My hero: I have several, but they are all people I know personally.

If I had any super power, I’d:  Be able to give others what they need the most.

I’d rather be: Shopping!

Three things on my bucket list:

- Travel to Spain
- Visit Scotland
- Learn to not kill plants


Robin Stevens


Job Title: Administrative Assistant

On staff since: July 2016

Hometown: Muncie, Indiana

Family: Husband, John, son, Robert, daughter, Autumn, and the zoo :-)

Education: Ball State University

Favorite Bible character:  Mary Magdalene

Favorite movie or TV show:   CSI

Favorite book:  Soul Identity, currently

Favorite food: tomatoes from the garden

Favorite part of my job:  Meeting members of the church

My heroes: My father

If I had any super power, I’d:  Give homes and gardens to homeless

I’d rather be: in the garden

Three things on my bucket list:

- Greece, Italy, UK, Scotland visiting my ancestors graves and homes in these countries.