Defying Gravity: 2021 Stewardship Campaign

Dear Friends,

Ever since the leaves fell off the trees, I have watched two bird’s nests up in our neighbor’s trees. I know that sounds odd. For me, the nests are a testament to perseverance and resilience. These nests are up in the upper branches, the branches that look delicate and fragile.  It has amazed me as I have watched storms and winds come and go, and yet, those nests have remained. Nests, made of twigs, leaves, and probably some bits of lint and paper, have held fast no matter the storm and no matter the wind. The birds have constructed their nests in the branches that move with the wind instead of resisting the wind. As the winds have come, the nests move with the wind and stand strong.

What a powerful image for us that have been living through a global pandemic for ten months! These past ten months have been stormy! We have felt the effects of the general anxiety in our world and the stress of not being able to engage with the people and the rituals that bring us connection and comfort. There is uncertainty around when we will return to in-person worship, who will return with us, and what it will look like when we do. There is uncertainty about whether we will remain in our College Avenue location, merge with one or more other congregations, or any number of other possibilities.

However, here is what is certain. God is still at work in our world, and perhaps God is at work doing a new thing. God still has plans and purposes for our community to be fulfilled by College Avenue Church. What is certain is that the ministries of the missions that we support is continuing. As we hold space for those things that are certain, I invite you to prayerfully consider how you might support College Avenue’s ministry and the missions we support financially.

On February 14, the day we set aside for the celebration of love, we will celebrate our love of God, the ministry of College Avenue, and the missions we support. The Core of Stewardship is love. So friends, over the coming weeks, as we discuss how we can resist the pull away from our commitment to God, I invite you to consider how you will pledge to support our ministry and missions. Receiving your pledges is critical to our ability to develop our ministry plan for the year. Additionally, your Faith Promise pledges enable our Missions team to plan their support of our Faith Promise ministries.  I have great optimism for the future of our ministry. Please give prayerful considerations to your pledges. I am proud to be your pastor.

Grace and Peace,



Rev. Karen Bray

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