The Gratitude Challenge

Dear College Avenue Friends,

Ordinarily, at this time of the year, we would be in the midst of our annual stewardship campaign. We would be celebrating the pledges that we have received to fund our ministry plan for the coming year. But, this has not been an ordinary year. We have lived through, and are continuing to live through “unprecedented” times. We tell our friends and loved ones, “see you later” by including “stay safe.” We see people wearing face masks like we used to only see on television, in other countries. It has been an unusual year.

All through the year, you and other members of College Avenue Church have been faithful in your giving to the church. We have not suffered financially, as some other churches have. For that, we are grateful. In light of this, and all the other reasons, we have to be grateful we are doing things just a bit differently this year. Instead of focusing on stewardship, our emphasis this October will be on Gratitude. We are taking the “Generosity Challenge” we were going to use for stewardship and turn it into a Gratitude Challenge.

We will still look at the elements of generosity this month, but with our hearts turned toward Gratitude for all the ministries of College Avenue Church. On October 25th, we will ask you to consider giving or pledging to give a gratitude offering either now or by the end of the year. Through our gratitude offerings, we will be celebrating the faithfulness of God to us these past several months and enabling the church to finish this year strong.

We had hoped this would be our first indoor worship since March, but unfortunately, the Covid numbers are now increasing instead of the decrease we were seeing. We will remain online for the time being, but will continue to monitor the situation.

I know we are creatures of habit, and we may be concerned about funding the ministry plan for 2021. We will look at stewardship and ministry funding after the first of the year as part of our celebration of Epiphany. But for now, let us celebrate God’s faithfulness with Gratitude!!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Karen

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