Mother’s Day Offering

This Mother’s Day, as we honor the women who have impacted our lives, let’s also reach out to our Faith Promise ministries. This is a wonderful time to catch up on our Faith Promise giving for this year.

Faith Promise dollars support eight different causes:

  • A Better Way
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Africa University
  • Red Bird Mission
  • Covenant Partners
  • Christian Ministries
  • Mission Guatemala
  • West View Elementary

While we have had opportunities throughout the year to act as the hands and feet of Christ in several of these ministries, it is also part of our commitment to offer financial support. Many of these agencies count on our gifts to help them through the year, and they do their best to stretch every dollar received.

Please remember to continue praying for these ministries as God brings them to your mind. We can make a difference in many different ways.

You may give online or through the mail towards the Mother’s Day Offering. Please write Faith Promise in the memo section of your check or money order, or designated the amount you wish to give online under Faith Promise.

Thank you for supporting Faith Promise,

The Missions Team

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