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I received a call from our District Superintendent Russ Abel. He called to inform me that he had received word from a member of the staff at High Street that while former Bishop Mike Coyner was at High Street recently he misspoke and said that College Avenue was selling its building. Our District Superintendent recognizes that this is not accurate information. 

As I think you are aware of the truth is that the vote in June was to acknowledge that the prudent option for the financial future of CAC may be to relocate. In January, a Location Task Force will begin a one to two year process to look at our options in this regard. Our District Superintendent is aware that this is the process we are in. 

I think it is of utmost importance that we are equipped, as well as our leadership and congregation, with accurate information when confronted with rumors within the congregation and in the community.

Pastor Karen Bray

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  • Loretta S Parsons

    I agree, I hear comments all the time that our doors are closing . One week this past summer, I received a call from a friend who heard that our doors were closed and church was canceled on Sunday.
    Amazing , sounds like the game telephone we all played as kids .

    • 6:19 pm - September 29, 2019

  • Jim Kouns

    Hard to unring a bell.

    • 7:50 pm - September 29, 2019

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