A Better Way Work Day

On Saturday, September 16, College Avenue made it a “batter” day at A Better Way. With a whole crew of people, College Avenue was able to contribute their talents, and God given gifts to his people. Teresa Clemmons, Executive Direct of A Better Way Services, Inc. in Muncie stated, “There was so much accomplished in that few hours, as God’s people went to work”. As God’s people went to work at A Better Way they exemplified what it means to “give to live”. The crew was able to join together on this Saturday morning to spread God’s love by pressure-washing sections of fence, cleaning out flower beds, mowing grass, digging thistles from the garden (braving a few spiders along the way), picking up trash, and sanitizing children’s toys in attempt to prevent the spread of germs. A member of our crew was able to assist in redoing a bathroom floor, which Teresa said, “…was just what we needed to start getting the facility looking like it should”. College Avenue’s crew let sweet smells spread through the building as members baked a delicious lasagna and brownies for the residents of the shelter, baking enough to keep some frozen and the sweet smells can be spread throughout the building at a later date.

That morning students rolled out of bed and hustled over to A Better Way. Along with older members who contributed in leading those who needed help, and assisting younger volunteers finding God’s purpose in the task of helping others. Making the College Avenue Crew a variety bunch of people, all working to do work in God’s kingdom. Teresa additionally said, “Servanthood toward victims in need of safety and support is a fine example of Jesus’ teachings. The “Go” in CAC’s mission was certainly played out on that day, and for that I am grateful”. To that we say thank you to God’s people who woke up early on a Saturday to “Give to Live”. Jesus’s teachings cannot just be seen from the pew of College Avenue, but around the community of Muncie. Let us work together as a church, and community to make a difference in God’s kingdom.


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