Celebrating our Graduates & Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following graduates:


High School & Indiana Academy

Jason Hollenbeck, Hannah Komanapalli, Rob Lorch, Ben Snyder, Jacob Beher


Bachelor’s Degree

Nate Adams, Kierstin Berry, Amanda Boldt, Sarah Galloway, Ali Hegedus, Lauren Hazel, Kate Mongin, Kelsey Sandefur


Master’s Degree

R. Ricky Bennett, Sam Teye


Congratulations to Rob Lorch and Ben Snyder, recipients of the Ann Oliver Scholarship. Rob is the son of John and Crystal Lorch. Ben is the son of Steve and Tasha Snyder.


Kevin Stockmann has received the $1,000.00 Verl Smith Scholarship Award this year. He is a Senior at Ball State University majoring in Mar-keting/Sales and Promotion. Kevin works on campus for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. He does the Advertising for their events and serves on multiple event committees. We are sure Verl would be very proud of all the past recipients, but this year’s recipient is very, very special in-deed. Kevin is Verl and Elaine Smith’s eldest grandson. Congratulations to Kevin.


Blessings on your future endeavors!

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