Longing for Home

Remember the first time you left home? Maybe it was to spend the night at a friend’s house, head off to summer camp, or leave for the military or school. What were your fears? Your sources of excitement? Or perhaps, if you were born into a home that was a place of hurt or fear, leaving home also brought some relief.

Home, in an ideal sense, is the place where we feel most at peace, most at one with those around us. In his book Longing for Home, pastor and scholar Frederich Beuchner describes his own journey toward home. He admits that he hasn’t found the home he longs for every day of his life, not by a long shot, but in his heart, he has discovered, or maybe always known, the way that leads to it. Ultimately, he believes the home we long for and belong to is wherever Christ is. “I believe that home is Christ’s kingdom,” he writes, “which exists both within us and among us as we wend our prodigal ways through the world in search of it.”

As an intergenerational congregation, we are all in different places when it comes to our journeys “home,” both practically and spiritually. Some of us are students who are leaving home for the very first time. Others of us are young adults creating our first homes. Still others of us are older adults transitioning into retirement homes. Wherever we are on the journey, I pray our August series will speak to us. Through Biblical stories such as Sarah and Abraham, the Exodus, the Exile, and the Prodigal Son, I hope we will learn more about our own spiritual journeys and the God who always beckons us home.


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