January Worship: A Missional Movement

When John Wesley laid the foundation for Methodism, he never intended for us to become a denomination. What he longed for was a movement that would revive missional discipleship in the Anglican Church. By missional, we mean living as a disciple of Je

Give to Live

Give to Live 2017 Stewardship Campaign Our bodies are created in God’s image, which means we are designed to be extravagantly generous. Giving is good for our health all around – body, mind, and spirit. Studies have shown that people who are more

Advent 2016 ~ Learning to Walk in the Dark

What is your relationship with darkness? Are you like me, turning on every light in the house because you’re anxious about stubbing your toe? Or do you relish the darkness as a place to explore, reflect, or gaze at the stars? We live in a culture t

Abundant Life Stewardship Campaign and Events

How do you experience the abundant life Jesus intends for us? Part of our vision at College Avenue is to be a Spirit-filled community continually growing in our faith and sharing the abundant life of Christ with others. We want to be inwardly strong