Congregation Care/Health Ministries

Congregation Care Committee

The committee coordinates the organized ways church members care for each other during times of need. The activities of this committee are coordinated by the parish nurse and the committee chair.

The parish nurse also provides the congregation with health counseling, health referral, and health education, and assists the Senior Pastor of the church with specialized visitation assistance and counsel.

Contact Pat Bennett 765-748-2097 or e-mail her to receive care or volunteer for one of the ministries.

Congregation Care

Church members provide support in many different ways including:

  • Visiting members who are alone at home or in a long-term care facility
  • Serving communion to members unable to attend worship services
  • Taking prepared meals to those recovering from illness at home
  • Delivering flowers and cards on behalf of the congregation
  • Providing occasional transportation to homebound members
  • Delivering welcome gifts and meals to families who are celebrating a birth or an arrival of a child


Health Care Ministry

This ministry team identifies health needs in the church and designs ways to promote congregational wholeness such as:

  • Provides blood pressure checks once a month
  • Educates church members on use of AED’s located within church
  • Makes available donated walkers,crutches, and other medical equipment
  • Offers wheel-chair assistance at services
  • Offers special health education programs



Prayer Ministry

Pastors and members are available to pray with you and your family before surgery or during hospitalization. Contact the Church Office at 765-749-8442 with the date, time, and hospital where you will be having your surgery or email Pat Bennett.

Email prayer messages are sent to members who have committed to pray for those who have requested prayer for themselves, their family or friends. These requests are sent by email as soon as possible after they are received. Visit the prayer request page.

Members may join the email prayer ministry or request prayer by contacting the pastor, the church office, or the parish nurse.


Community Support Groups

The National Association for Mental Illness of Delaware County Board meets at College Avenue United Methodist Church monthly and offers the following groups:

Family Support Group meets the first Monday of each month, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Family to Family education for caregivers meets for 15 weeks once each year

Contact 765-702-3405 or email .


For the Prayer request box

We believe in the power of prayer and trust God to meet you at your greatest need! Submit your online prayer request and it will be forwarded to the Prayer Team. You may request that only the pastor receive your request.