Contemplative Prayer & Devotions

Pastor Karen will be beginning her research in Contemplative Prayer in the near future. She is looking for participants for her project. Participants will attend (either in person or via Zoom) an introductory retreat introducing the history and practice of Contemplative Prayer and Meditation and then participate in a 6 week program of Contemplative Prayer and Meditation. If you are interested in participating contact Pastor Karen for more information. 

Also, if you would be interested in participating in a Zoom gathering with Pastor Karen, with a time of scripture reading, devotional thought and discussion please email Pastor Karen. If there is enough interest we will schedule such a gathering. It would be good to see each other’s face and hear each other’s voices!

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  • John Ledbetter

    Interested in the contemplative prayer & meditation program.

    • 11:43 am - June 3, 2020

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