We Make the Road by Walking

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We recognize that weather, travel, and illness kept many of you away from worship this winter and spring. When you’re not here, you are missed by this community. You also miss opportunities to grow spiritually, as we did this Lenten season through our study of the Lord’s Prayer together. We hope you’ll make every effort to be part of Pastor Lisa’s final series – “We Making the Road by Walking.”

The phrase “we make the road by walking” is an adaptation of a proverb from Spanish poet Antonio Machado, who wrote: Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar, or “Traveler, there is no road; you make the way as you go.”

This is a beautiful parallel for the life of faith. Our Christian path of following Jesus is always in the making. It continues to grow, evolve, learn, change, emerge, and mature. In Pastor Lisa’s final sermons at College Avenue, we’ll explore the Scriptures of the Easter season alongside this proverb. We’ll look back on the path on which Jesus has guided us. We’ll be honest about the transitions before us with clergy, the building, and our denomination. And we’ll look forward to the road we will make together with Christ as we go.

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