Shepherd’s Camp

“I love Shepherd’s Camp,” said a five-year old. “This church is so loving and welcoming,” said a 14-year old. “After spending the weekend worshiping, eating, and serving together, everyone feels like family to me,” said someone in their 40s. From an older adult, “this is the epitome of intergenerational ministry!”

Perhaps this is why 98 members of our church family gathered on a Friday evening and Saturday to fellowship, worship, and follow the Good Shepherd into the community, sharing God’s love with others. During an all-church brunch on Sunday, comments like these were shared while pictures from the weekend, including all seven worksites, were displayed.

We have the hands of a shepherd, we have the heart of a shepherd, we have the feet of a shepherd; we followed the Good Shepherd into the community. May we continue to do so every day of our lives.

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