We Are Your Church Photo Series by Pauleina Brunnemer

Before I decided to join the communications team at College Avenue, Pastor Lisa asked to have a meeting with me. During this meeting she put an emphasis on how using communications can help us tell the story of College Avenue. I threw out a few ideas, one of those being our new Snapchat, but I knew there was a better way to tell this story. She gave me time to think on this matter and pray about how God can influence this story. A few weeks later that’s exactly what God did.

While meeting with Nichole I went outside my usual comfort zone and presented a new idea. With God by my side, I knew that I had nothing to fear. To tell a story you must have at least a character or multiple characters, and that’s exactly what my plan has. I am going to tell the stories beyond the pews, the stories of how College Avenue has changed lives, and what College Avenue means to them. The church’s story is a story of God and his people and I am going straight to the source. You will see a variety of people photographed with a label on their hand saying “We Are Your Church.” Along with that label will be some phrase or word that is associated with their story at College Avenue. The photos will be posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. After we have a large collection of the photos, we will create a video displaying the faces of College Avenue. College Avenue this is your story; help me tell it one photo at a time.


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