Pizza with Pastor Lisa

As new school year begins for Ball State and Indiana Academy Students, the excitement of new classes and potential new friends hover over Muncie. On Sunday, August 21, Pastor Lisa, led a wonderful sermon from the ‘Home Sick’ series. It was also the day that brunch was held for students and new church members alike, to get to know the church faculty and church members that were students as well. Chuck Tuite, Praise Team director and Megan Pyle, Youth Minister took turns to address the gathering.

Several students felt that College Avenue is a great fit for them, a home away from home. There were also those who felt led to join the praise team.

Matthew Jones, a freshman Telecommunications major felt welcomed at College Avenue. “I think the name tags was a great idea and I wish my home church did something like that.”  There were others who already have passed through Campus Mentoring through College Avenue, and introduce other students to College Avenue.

Pauleina Brunnemer, a senior at the Academy, often introduces juniors to College Avenue. “College Avenue, is like a second home. I’ve developed my faith and I can confidently say I know my call in Christ now, through Campus Mentoring. As a result of this, I introduce juniors in my school to College Avenue, so they can learn what they can from here, have new experiences, get involve in events and share who they are and what God means to them through the church. I love the church being intergenerational because they can have a mentor that can teach them different things and make them have an actual church family instead of having a church they walk to every Sunday”.

Overall, it was a successful day where College Avenue got to welcome students and where they felt God while they were in their new home, Muncie.


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