Becoming Weekday Christians

Most churches, including College Avenue, are good at Sunday mornings. We sing uplifting hymns and praise songs. We hear a hopeful message. We smile. We shake hands. We talk about grace and blessings. That’s an important part of our lives.

Rev. Emily Heath suggests that when many of us leave on Sunday, we step into a very different world. It’s a world filled with sickness, grief, divorce, addiction, and loss. It’s a world of feeling depressed, heart-broken, betrayed, alone, and wrestling with doubt. If you only come to church on Palm Sunday and Easter, you might think we, as a church, know little about those weekday struggles.

But if you walk the entire Holy Week journey with us this year, from Palm Sunday on April 9 to Maundy Thursday on April 13 to Good Friday on April 14 to Easter Sunday on April 16, then you’ll find a God who knows what suffering is like. The most authentic part of Holy Week isn’t the palms or the beautiful flowers, it’s what happens in between. It’s Jesus having a final meal with his disciples before being betrayed by one he loved. It’s Jesus in the garden alone, struggling with what he wanted to do and what he had to do. It’s Jesus on the cross, crying out to a God who doesn’t seem to answer.

Only when we walk the entire Holy Week journey together do we sense the true power of his resurrection. I worry sometimes that we’ve become Sunday Christians, forgetting what happened to Jesus and what happens in our own lives during the week. We have the capacity to be weekday people – to walk the path with Jesus and with others who struggle. I hope you’ll join us, not just this year, but all the years to come.

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